10 August 2021

A new rail freight line between Germany and Turkey

PKP Cargo Connect GmbH is opening a new rail freight line for intermodal transportation between Germany and Turkey with possible transshipment in Poland. A new addition to the portfolio of PKP Cargo Group is a rail freight link running between Duisburg, Gliwice, and Izmit.

A connection between Germany, Poland, and Turkey comes within the existing network of operator connections as part of a permanent service offer from PKP Cargo Connect. We are looking forward to doing business with exporters, importers, forwarding companies, or carriersinterested in the services above. 

Our new service portfolio includes:

  1. Transport of 40′ and 45′ containers separately or as a grouping of between three and five
  2. Arranging block trains (40 containers per train)
  3. Customs service
  4. First and last-mile delivery by truck freight
  5. Offering 45′ containers tailored to the customer’s needs
  6. Handling and storage

Contact us to get an attractive offer for freight delivery:

[email protected]
+49 152 288 300 62

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