PKP Cargo Connect GmbH

About us

International logistics service provider

The company has been present in Germany since 2016 as part of PKP Cargo Group.

We draw on the potential and experience of PKP CARGO Group, and our Hamburg-based employees execute most complex tasks while offering its highest possible quality. As a diligent partner in freight transportation services worldwide, we provide our clients with helpful advice.

We offer a wide range of logistics services ranging from bulk cargo handling and intermodal block trains to single shipping containers.

Our team helps you see all the possibilities on offer and achieve the optimal solution for your needs.

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PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH is a member of the Deutsch-Polnische Industrie- und Handelskammer (AHK Poland) and Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V.

Our Hamburg office

Hamburg is home to Europe’s third- and the world’s ninetieth-biggest container port. With more than 2,300 freight trains a week, 4 container terminals, and 50 dedicated transhipment facilities, Hamburg offers optimum conditions to move goods between Asia, Europe, and America.

Comprehensive freight forwarding services

Do you need a rail freight or road cargo offer? Do you need assistance with customs clearance or fiscal representation? Do you need an ATB number or a T1 shipping note? Do you need to get fiscal clearance? Does your company deal with importing vehicles from the United States or other goods from China and elsewhere? Do you need to defer import VAT payments in Germany?

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