13 January 2022

Baltic-Balkans Road General Cargo Network

PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH, a subsidiary of PKP CARGO Group, is launching this month a road general cargo network (Groupage Freight) linking the Baltic and the Balkans (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia).

Increased trade volumes between Poland and the Baltic and Balkan markets prompt logistics companies to look for new cargo solutions and to provide comprehensive services in full truckload (FTL), general cargo, and partial truckload. PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH is thus extending its offer to include general cargo transport by road along a strategic corridor running within countries of the Three Seas. From January, pallet handling will now be available for the smallest orders (from one to several pallets), which opens up new opportunities for single load volumes when shipping worldwide.

General cargo will be handled in two major hubs of Vilnius and Budapest before being dispatched to end customers. Two handling terminals will be used in Poland (Gliwice, Warsaw). Sending general cargo in Lithuania, Poland, and Hungary will take three days and delivering cargo to Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia will take four days to arrive. PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH provides services such as transport, handling, warehousing, and customs services.

– „This offer is addressed specifically to companies that export or import goods in the countries stretching between the Baltic Sea and the Balkans,“ says Łukasz Strzelecki, member of the management board of PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH. „Today’s trade turnover and favorable economic environment foster business development, notably abroad. We target domestic businesses with the new offer poised to complement our existing freight capabilities from Poland to Germany and Scandinavian countries. Through this service, we seek to add more to our cargo network to submit a competitive market offer to current and new clients,“ according to Strzelecki.

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