PKP Cargo Connect GmbH

Our offer

Rail transport

We draw from the hands-on experience of PKP Cargo Group to offer rail freight services worldwide.

• Arranging intermodal and traditional rail freight transportation.

• Arranging rail freight through a fleet of railway engines and wagons (owned by PKP Cargo and its foreign partners).

• Wagon rentals, transporting empty wagons for loading or after refit.

• Rail freight connections between countries, including:

    • Hamburg/Duisburg/Bremerhaven (DE) – Małaszewicze/Brest (PL/BY)
    • Hamburg/Duisburg/Bremerhaven (DE) – Gliwice (PL) – Istambul (TR)
    • Hamburg/Duisburg/Bremerhaven (DE) – Gliwice (PL) – Piacenza (IT)
    • Hamburg/Duisburg/Bremerhaven (DE) – Medyka/Mostyska (PL/UA)

Carriage of goods by road and general cargo

Full range of first&last mile, FTL-LTL, and container drop-off services throughout Europe. We operate general cargo services worldwide.

• Full range of carriage of goods by road across Europe.

• FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less Than Truck Load).

• Carriage of pallet cargo by road (groupage freight and dedicated minibus transportation).

• Dedicated lines for general cargo worldwide.

• An operator of the Baltic–Balkans general cargo line with storage hubs in Vilnius, Warsaw, Gliwice, and Budapest (handling cargo pickups and deliveries from and to transport hubs).

International freight forwarding

We arrange your cargo transportation by rail, road, sea, and air shipments. We specialize in container transport.

• Arranging intermodal freight transport (ship/rail/truck) in selected European Union countries, with special regard to Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

• Arranging intermodal freight transport (rail/truck) from and to China and the CIS countries.

• Arranging truck freight for ISO tank containers (20′, 40′, 45′) in the European Union and to the EEC countries (full range of truck freight, first&last mile, FTL-LTL).

• Air freight.

Customs service

We offer customs clearance consistent with state regulations and we promise to handle registrations, documents, certificates, and permits. We have the status of a German customs agency granted by Hauptzollamt Hamburg. 

• Comprehensive customs service, fiscal and non-fiscal clearance.

Veterinary and phytosanitary control.

• Closing the transit procedure with ATB numbers.

• Creating T1 shipping notes.

• Submitting BTI (Binding Tariff Information) application forms.

• Intrastat declarations.

• Organizing customs inspections.

• Constant contact with the customs agency specific to the terminal.

Fiscal clearance

As an official fiscal representative in Germany, we are a privileged partner for German tax and customs agencies.

• Completing customs formalities across Germany through Germany’s ATLAS e-customs system used to contact all customs offices throughout the country.

• Clearance procedure with relief from the immediate payment of import VAT on imported goods. The importer settles it later in their tax return with the local tax office as a levy for the intra-EU acquisitions of goods (increasing financial liquidity).

• Immediate market authorization after the customs clearance procedure

Fiscal clearance conditions:

• The importer is not allowed to have a seat or a branch in Germany.

• The importer holds a valid VAT-EU tax identification number.

Terminal and warehousing services

We offer a range of comprehensive services for your cargo shipment in the German terminal, book slots, arrange pick-ups, and render transshipment and warehousing services.

• Comprehensive freight services from and to the terminals in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Duisburg, Neuss and Lehrte.

• Logistics services and ISO tank container rental (20′, 40′, 45′).

• Handling and separating containers, FCL-LCL.

• Notifying truck-delivered containers and block trains carrying intermodal consignments

• Arranging terminal slots

• Short-term and long-term warehousing, including depot services.

• First&last mile by truck freight.

• Drafting daily reports on shipment tracking container stocks at terminals/depots