Transportation and transhipment of coal

We offer full logistics services for coal transportation. In the 2022/2023 season, we handled transhipment of coal in German ports and transported 200,000 tons of coal by rail to Poland and the Czech Republic.

Throughout 2022 and in late 2023, transportation of coal acted as the principal focus for PKP CARGO Group to ensure energy security. Poland’s top import routes used to include Polish ports, however, due to their limited capacity, other restrictions, and the current market situation, directions of supplies have been diversified. With close collaboration between PKP CARGO Group and its partners worldwide, new import corridors have been created for Poland-based utility power plants through seaports in Latvia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

PKP CARGO CONNECT GmbH handled shipments of coal from ports across Germany. Along with our partners in Rostock and Bremen, we have transported more than 200,000 tons of coal since September 2022. Fruitful collaboration between Polish and German companies helped provide a wide range of services including cargo shipping by rail, port services, customs clearance, and freight forwarding services.

Importantly, we offered innovative solutions due to an unprecented direction of coal supplies. The events of recent months have shown us the importance of close collaboration between EU-based transportation and logistics companies. Securing large amounts of critical energy resources helped ensure energy security and stabilize European economies.