23 March 2022

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The PKP Cargo Group organizes the transport of humanitarian aid from Great Britain to Ukraine

PKP Cargo Connect GmbH seated in Hamburg – a German company belonging to the PKP Cargo Group, together with the Polish community living in Great Britain affiliated with the White Eagle Club / Klub Orła Białego in London, organized a humanitarian aid transport for Ukraine, which was affected by unjustified and nothing unprovoked military aggression by Russian Federation. 

In the era of armed conflict in Ukraine, there was a need for help, which we managed to implement together with the Polish community in London – says Łukasz Strzelecki, member of the management board of PKP Cargo Connect GmbH based in Hamburg. Thanks to good cooperation, it was possible to efficiently plan the truck and load the products collected by our countrymen in London. Nearly 1,000 pallets of necessary materials in Ukraine are still waiting to be removed from the UK islands. This shows the scale of the aid that the Poles collected in Great Britain. Transport is just a small contribution from PKP Cargo Connect GmbH to help the fighting Ukraine.

The company PKP Cargo Connect GmbH, operating on the international transport market and using its commercial contacts, decided to organize and fully finance the transport of humanitarian aid for Ukraine – says Krzysztof Kamiński, member of the management board of PKP Cargo Connect GmbH. A total of 33 humanitarian aid pallets collected in London, including medicines and medical materials, cleaning products, clothes and long-term food products, were transported from Great Britain to a warehouse near Poznań, which collected Caritas in Poland in a vehicle with a capacity of 24 tons. Thanks to Caritas, humanitarian aid will go to the most needy Ukrainians – both those staying in Poland and those who are in Ukraine.